Singer and upside-down-guitarist-extraordinaire Guy Blakeslee has formed Entrance into a shockingly explosive power trio that merges the freakouts of the rock-underground with a universal melody and groove designed to reverse-brainwash the catatonic music industry into a new revolution. The addition of Paz Lenchantin on bass (A Perfect Circle) and Derek James on drums leads Blakeslee's old and new material into terrain that knows no limits to scenes, styles, or sonics. While breaking into new musical frontiers, The Entrance Band turn on to the kind of psychedelic-blues-rituals, tribal-funk-hypnosis, and space-punk-telepathy that Kurt, Jimi, Fela, and Janis would be jamming to up in the cosmos; looking down to see where all the real music has gone..."  Anticipation is high for their forthcoming album in 2012.