roxy saint

The Underground Personality Tapes is the debut DVD album from musician, artist and guerilla filmmaker, Roxy Saint. It is a collection of 10 new songs and digital videos connected by surreal interstitial segments that portray character creations from Roxy's life and experiences living on the edge of reality.


Straight off of Fairfax & Santa Monica Blvd, Roxy Saint is an un-deterred creative energy navigating her star through the flourishing Los Angeles underground scene. She is the salacious musical progeny of Iggy Pop, carried to term in the womb of Marilyn Manson.

She's part Cindy Sherman, part Punk Rock Queen, and the rest sexual provocateur. Surrounding herself with film kids, musicians, and at least 3 or 4 beautiful girls, she acts as both catalyst and glue. When asked about the girls, Roxy reasons, "Keith Richards always had beautiful women around him so, I figured I'd get some too."