inara george

Accidental Experimental "isn't like a regular record," says Los Angeles-based songwriter Inara George of the 11-song digital-only release from Everloving Records (Cornelius, Metric, Don Cavalli). "This was like digging into the back of the closet and bringing out your favorite winter clothes."

And Inara George wears many outfits. Also known for her work as one half of retro-electro duo The Bird and The Bee, Inara George's 2005 debut solo album All Rise was a hit for KCRW and included a cover of Joe Jackson’s “Fool’s In Love,” which was made popular on Grey’s Anatomy and the accompanying soundtrack album. All Rise featured keyboards by Greg Kurstin, who was brought in by producer Mike Andrews (Donnie Darko, Grey Boy All-Stars), and the two would form The Bird and Bee soon after.

In 2008 Inara delivered the epic odyssey An Invitation, a lush and sweeping collaboration with Van Dyke Parks who conducted and arranged a 24 piece orchestra around the songs. The Wall Street Journal called An Invitation "urbane and lots of fun... it's an album that gets better in time as the interplay between Ms. George's voice and Mr. Parks' work continues to reveal itself."

Some of the songs on Accidental Experimental have been with George for some time, including a few which would become the blueprint for An Invitation. To complete the record, George teamed up again with producer and frequent collaborator Mike Andrews. "I trust Mike's sensibilities," says George of working with Andrews in the recording studio. "I usually lay down scratch vocals and a guitar track, maybe some piano and then he fills it up with additional instrumentation. He put lots of his own personality into the songs, and knows where things need more attention."  

Together they have outfitted Accidental Experimental with a mixture of baroque pop, experimental folk, and romantic balladry that fans of both her solo work and band efforts will immediately find familiar and essential.